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The Secret of the Apocalypse: Our Lady is God, the Lord of the Bible is Satan

"Woe to you that desire the day of the LORD! To what end is it for you? The day of the LORD is darkness, and not light." - Amos, 5:18-19, KJV

Welcome to the Fátima Movement, the Catholic Order which halted the end of the world in 2009. How does one go about stopping the New World Order and the Apocalypse? By thoroughly understanding who is trying to cause it, why the Illuminati are trying to install the secular New World Order, what they need to complete their “great work”, and then doing the opposite. It's quite simple, don't accept Freemasonry's Lord as your God. Remember that Christ is God and reject the "Lord" of the Jewish Illuminati who crucified Him.



The Third Secret of Fatima

Freemason John XXIII was responsible for the New Order Council against Christ (antipope from 1958-1963)

”Don't bring that subject up with me, please.” - Anti-Pope John XXIII, 1960 - Time Magazine's 1962 “Man of the Year”


Released on April 21, 2010 for the people.

Translation into English (Original Document from 1944)

January 4, 1944:

Now I will reveal the third part of the secret;
This part is the apostasy in the Church! (1)
Our Lady showed us a vision of someone who I describe as the 'Pope', standing in front of a praising multitude.
But there was a difference with a real Pope, the evil
look, this one had eyes of evil. (2)
Then after a few moments we saw the same Pope entering
a church, but this church was like the church of hell, there is no way to describe the ugliness of this place, it seemed like a fortress made of gray cement, with broken angles and windows like eyes, there was a beak on top of the building. (3)
We then looked up at Our Lady who said to us:
you have seen the apostasy in the Church, this message can be opened by The Holy Father, but must be announced after Pius XII and before 1960. (4)
During the kingdom of John Paul II the cornerstone from Peter's tomb must be removed and transferred to Fátima.
Because the Dogma of faith is not preserved in Rome, her
authority will be removed and given to Portugal. (5)
The cathedral of Rome must be destroyed and a new one built in Fátima. (6)
If 69 weeks after this command is announced Rome continues it's abomination, the city will be destroyed. (7)
Our Lady told us this is written, Daniel 9 24-25 and Mathew 21 42-44. (8)

Apocalypse 18:4: “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Goe out from her my people: that you not be partakers of her sinnes, and receive not of her plagues. 18:5: Because her sinnes are come even to heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.”(1582 Douai-Rheims)

Third Secret of Fatima in PortugueseThird Secret of Fatima translated into EnglishThird Secret of Fatima translated into PolishThird Secret of Fatima translated into Spanish

“The evil is wide-spread and universal. No man, no woman, no household, is sacred or safe from this new Inquisition.” - Morals & Dogma, p. 334

"And this gospel of the kingdom (of the Lord/Satan) shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." - Matthew 24:14

Spanish revolutionaries open fire on statue of ChristThe Lord (Satan) who deceives all nations into believing he is God

"For our god (Satan) is a consuming fire" - Hebrews 12:29

"Because the Lord thy God (Satan) is a consuming fire, a jealous God." - Deuteronomy 4:24

"O vengeance of the Lord, how you should be dreaded by everyone who now can read whatever was made manifest to me! I saw so many flocks of naked souls, all weeping miserably, and it seemed that they were ruled by different decrees. Some lay upon the ground, flat on their backs; some huddled in a crouch, and there they say; and others moved about incessantly. The largest group was those who walked about, the smallest, those supine in punishment; but these had looser tongues to tell their torment." - Dante's Inferno, CANTO XIV: 16-27, describing the Seventh Circle, Third Ring of Hell

The Illuminati created the Bible to deceive all nations into believing in Satan

"...his name was changed into Jehoshuah or Jesus by Moses...In this Josue was to be the chief actor." - 1883 Haydock Douay Rheims, II. THE HISTORICAL BOOKS: THE BOOK OF JOSUE, Scan #0058/1903.

The 1883 Haydock Douay Rheims proves the actor or imposter Jesus


The Whole Truth About Fatima Volume II

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